Company Profile

Vivergy Ltd are Engineering Specialists in the installation and management of quality Industrial Processing Systems - particularly Industrial Mixers and Pressure Leaf Filters. Vivergy has been manufacturing Mixers and Filters since March 2003. Since 2003 Vivergy has produced many hundreds of mixers for various processes in more than 7 different countries including Singapore, The US, Australia New Zealand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

We work right across the Asia Pacific region, utilising our extensive technical experience to provide machinery solutions in all types of industry sectors.

Our client base ranges from complex multi-site multinational corporations - right through to medium sized local businesses in the region.

The reputation of Vivergy is founded on a strong philosophy of helping our clients to maximise the effectiveness and success of their operating lines. We have achieved this through a personalised approach of installing and servicing equipment known for its high quality, reliability and flexibility.

Our team has the longstanding experience and understanding of many mixer and filtration models & types, along with their manner of being manufactured. Because of this, we are able to provide frank advice about optimal product suitability - according to specific client needs.

Vivergy retains key technical design engineers - to ensure that Filtration and Mixing Equipment is effectively integrated into the existing operating system of our clientele. The Company also maintains a strong Service division, to manage and maintain client sites in a prompt and timely manner. With us also retaining a strong network of proven local manufacturers, we are also able to provide additional equipment, parts and assistance in an efficient and effective fashion.

Negotiated pricing structures, for our levels of service, are commercially competitive and in keeping with current market ranges.

Vivergy prides itself on retaining positive ongoing relationships with its clientele.

Because Vivergy are specialists in Industrial Processing equipment, our expertise maximises your outcomes.

We are available to talk, obligation free, at any time.

Services and Consulting –Mixing and Filtration

Supplying clients with quality Industrial Processing Systems for mixing and filtration is one thing. Consistently assisting to maintain the integration of Operational Systems with Human Management is another thing again.

Ensuring that installed Mixer of Filter is serviced and maintained in an appropriate and effective manner is a way in which The Vivergy Organisation differentiates itself in the specialist engineering marketplace. We don’t just “install and walk away” - or refer clients to another unrelated party who may not understand your specific needs (or the history of the equipment). We are happy to keep continuity with clients and their key equipment. So, when clients require it, we are happy to service and maintain key Mixing and Filtration Systems. After all, efficient & well maintained systems allow for higher productivity - than those which are simply left until they break down.

All things, however, have a natural lifespan. Even with great care, breakdowns to your existing operating systems can occur over time and through wear and tear.

Vivergy maintains its own in house Service Division. Our team can Service and Repair a wide range of Industrial Processing Systems, with a particular emphasis on Industrial Mixers and Pressure Leaf Filters - incorporating most makes and models. For its type, we regard our Service Division as one of the most efficient and effective around.

Please feel free to contact us for an obligation free discussion about maximising the effectiveness and management of your Industrial Processing Systems.

Systems Consultation
Efficiency and effectiveness in Business involves you not only developing efficient Technical Systems along with Hard Working Staff, but also effective Management Systems too.

It's often the planning associated with the use of technical systems - including operational Logistics - in harmony with your key staff, that determines the extent of your overall success. In other words, it's the "accumulated small improvements" that can really add up to large amounts - often making significant differences to the bottom line. Maximum Output, with Minimum Operating Stress is the result most of us are looking for !

Vivergy retains Engineering & Operational Consultants who are able to conduct an operations audit of your mixers and filters to assist you in ensuring that productivity is at its maximum. We can help you to ensure that your operating methodologies & logistics link effectively with your key industrial machinery.

Feel free to call us for an obligation free discussion.